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Having grown up and lived in the North Country and worn glasses since the 6th grade Jody Shuler has seen just about every eye care practice in the area. Over the years it seemed odd that in an area with so many diversified, smart, sophisticated, artistic and extremely creative people, who all live in such a beautiful place that every optical shop seemed a repeat of the next. The choices in eyeglasses, sunglasses and how exams and customer service were performed seemed the very opposite of the populace.  “Everything looked the same, everybody looked the same!

Where was the fun?
Where was the style?
Where was the quality?
Where was a place to find exciting eyewear?”
That’s when Jody decided to take a bold step forward and create Watertown’s most eclectic and evolutionary eye care practice, EyeCrave Optics.
This is not just your typical eye care office!



EyeCrave Optics is conveniently located at
11 Public Square – Suite 102 – Watertown, NY 13601
We are open
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday  9:30-7:00,
Wednesday 9:30-5:00

Saturday 1:00-5:00