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insurance options at EyeCrave Optics

EyeCrave maintains the highest standard of care for both the services we provide and the products we sell. We don’t cut corners. Your ocular health means everything to us.

Working with insurance plans in the past, we have found them to be very restrictive. Typically, they limit what they’ll pay for an eye exam, how long it should take and what it should include. They’ll also dictate the types of services they will cover, and the quality of frames or lenses for which they’ll pay and how much.

The practice of restricting services and products — pushing a patient to make decisions regarding care and treatment based on insurance limitations — is contrary to our personal and professional principles.

From our perspective, we want to take as much time as we need to conduct a thorough eye examine or treat your vision problem, whether it’s an hour or three hours. And, our commitment to vision care involves applying any technology or diagnostic tool necessary to ensure the highest standard of ocular health.

At EyeCrave, we also insist on offering only the very best choices in distinctive fashion-forward frames. And we fit those frames with prescription lenses painstakingly crafted in our own lab by highly certified technicians. This process requires rigorous training, advanced technologies, precise measuring and careful fittings.

Rather than compromise our high standards for care and service, we have made it our policy not to accept insurance plans.

If we can answer any more questions regarding insurance, please let us know.