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Quality optics at EyeCrave Optics - Watertown, NY

Despite our love for the finest eyeglass frames from around the world, we will be the first to admit lenses just aren’t that sexy to most people.  However, we understand that seeing better is of utmost importance.

We get that helping you see better is our job, and we take that seriously.  If you haven’t purchased new eyeglass lenses in the last few years, you will be amazed with the advances in lens technology that allow eyeglass-wearers better vision than ever before with thinner, lighter-weight materials.

Many of the lenses we carry now are custom-ground personally to fit you, and only you. The breakthrough in digitally designed lenses has had a tremendous effect on an individual’s visual acuity.

EyeCrave Optics offers many advanced lens options to choose from, suited for your specific prescription, frame, and lifestyle needs.

We focus in hard to fit prescriptions too, marrying the right eyewear to the right lens just for you. Bring your prescription in and let us help you find that perfect pair or two of eyeglasses and lenses that will help you see better and look better too!